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The Future of Nasal Health Care Through Better Breath

Stuffy nose is a widespread problem that people face in their everyday life. Nasal congestion is usually caused by minor illnesses, such as a cold or the flu, so many of us do not pay much attention to this health condition. The availability to quick-fix solutions, such as nasal sprays and antihistamines, has allowed for nasal health treatment to often be reactive and only appropriate for the short-term. People do not control their use  and reliance of nasal sprays, so they become addicted and resistant to them. As a result, this issue goes untreated and unresolved and is accompanied by constricted breath, a disturbed sleep, and sinus headaches which are likely to lead to more serious chronic diseases. According to official statistics, 20% of the world population suffers from Chronic Rhino Sinusitis.

From a socio-economic perspective, it contributes to an extensive financial burden on society. It can considerably decreases the quality of life of individuals , because it stops people from physical activity,  sports exercises, travelling and from climbing that Mt Coot-tha at dawn. It happens as the result of inadequate access to health education. Notably, it is critical for Indigenous and low socio-economic communities, where people do not know traditional nasal cleaning practices, from blowing your nose to irrigating the nose as well as other necessary hygienic procedures such as washing your hands etc.


“I think that only a proactive way of dealing with the chronic nasal diseases can help tackle it. People should know how to clean their noses before they start using prescription and non-prescription drug treatment.”

Alexandra French, the founder of ALM Healthtech


The Background Story

Alexandra’s personal experience has been one of many dollars and years  to have nasal surgery to be able to breathe properly inspired her to found ALM Healthtech. This project was incorporated as a baby of QUT Bluebox accelerator program, which enabled Alex and two other co-founders to develop a minimum viable product, refine a business model, and ultimately launch a startup company. ALM Healthtech was not only awarded $10,000 for initial business administration tasks, but was also given the opportunity to collaborate, work with and be mentored by local and international entrepreneurial and innovation experts. The project has even gone through the Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneur Program and Global Entrepreneur Program, and we have now built a partnership with Johnson & Johnson.

During the process of launching the startup, Alex has implemented The Cup Economy which is a system that engages coffee drinkers in using a reusable cup over a single time use cup and making a positive impact on the environment. By encouraging the corporates to participate in this initiative, she was able to raise some money for designing an initial product for ALM Healthtech called the Nadu System.


“By designing the products, such as the Nadu system and The Cup Economy, we are trying to change people’s behaviour and challenge the way things have been traditionally done.”

Alexandra French, the founder of ALM Healthtech


The Nadu System and Its Social Impact

Alex’s background in industrial design has helped her to create an effective and long-term solution which can address the preventable and addressable global issue of Chronic Rhino Sinusitis. It has two essential elements which provide successful nasal health care. The first one is traditional nasal cleaning practices. Nadu was designed as a tool that represents a nasal rinsing cup which everyone can use to inhale and irrigate. The process of inhalation is a solution to loosen the mucous, dust, pollen, mould particles and life’s general dirt, while irrigation helps to remove the loosened debris and foreign matter. As a result, your breaths become wholesome without any congestion. The second element is controlled intranasal medicinal delivery. It requires support from the professional medical community which will allow to make the nasal health care system transparent and improve the quality of many people’s lives.


   “I have always had access to good quality health care and medicinal treatment because both of my parents worked in the medical industry and we have grown up in Brisbane, Australia Our ambition is to help provide  the right medication and long-term approach for better health.”

Alexandra French, the founder of ALM Healthtech


Future Opportunities

Alex’s primary goal is to provide comprehensive nasal health education to everyone in the world and equip them with the special tools that they can use in an emergency. For example, when you do not have access to clean water, you can use the Nadu system which keeps it sterile. Achieving this goal will also help international health organisations better deal with epidemics and provide adequate medical support in the conditions of natural disasters.

ALM Healthtech has recently received a patent for the Nadu system. Now the team is trying to build their sales channels across the world and make connections with different pharmaceutical companies. Initially, they want to go to the US and Germany markets. The future of nasal health care is already around the corner.  


For more information on ALM Healthtech and Nadu System go to 


Article written by Anna Syropiatova

Marketing Intern

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