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Ed and Dan – Trademutt – Built tough so you don’t have to be


Trademutt is a bold new workwear brand by tradies for tradies. Ed Ross and Dan Allen are the co-founders and are mates on a mission. They are absolute characters and their shirts are almost as colourful as they are but their passion for this project is very plain and clear.  Their goal is to tackle mens suicide in Australia head on, and in doing so, make Aussie tradies look great, feel great and be part of a movement that will change the face of mens mental health forever.  By wearing a Trademutt shirt, you stand for respect among people everywhere no matter their differences, a nonviolent approach to life, and most importantly a willingness to reach out and support anyone who needs it.  The shirts have the logo  ‘This is a conversation starter’ branded across the back and the partnership with TIACS is their effort to effect change and lower the rate of male suicide in Australia.

Learn more about this duo and support their mission. You definitely won’t miss them!

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