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Brett Leavy – Virtual Songlines – A Digital Warrior

Brett Leavy is the founder of Virtual Songlines, an indigenous artist, immersive heritage specialist, and he best describes his project as a virtual time machine.  Virtual Songlines is a role-play based cultural survival game using a software toolkit to record the authentic cultural heritage stories of Australia’s First Nations.

The virtual reality games immerse players within a uniquely designed authentic cultural heritage landscape that can be localised at any Australian capital city or regional town across Australia.

Each player must learn to survive in a natural landscape. They learn this by understanding the natural environment, reading the signs in land, listening to their traditional custodians and Elders that they encounter, follow their advice and adhere to the customary lores and customs of the First Nations People.  Lessons learnt and which have survived since time immemorial.

His most recognised exhibit ‘Sydney Cove’ was on show at Customs House in Circular Quay.  The experience gave the user a virtual experience of how Sydney Cove appeared before the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

Brett is changing the way we learn about our history through an arts, culture, language and knowledge based experience.  Go to his website to learn more.



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