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My Greater Outcome – Launching Sunday, 15 July.

Social Entrepreneurs Australia

We asked our social enterprises to write a letter to the person they are trying to help. We call this campaign, My Greater Outcome.   Inspired by the amazing people we have the privilege of working with, the first series is filmed by Michael Battle of Ripping Yarn Media with a goal to motivate ourselves and others…

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DriveAbout: Mobile Road Safety and Road Rules Education

The Spectrum of Social Issues Because of poor English literacy, people from Indigenous communities in Australia do not have access to driver education. As a result, many of them end up in jail every year due to recurring driving offences, while they could have a driver’s license and gain employment. Multicultural Australians are often not…

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Entrepreneurial Journey, Debunking Disruption, Demystifying Innovation, and Other Insights of Chris Adams

Impact Academy

Chris Adams Entrepreneur Week 2018 As part of South Australia’s Entrepreneurs Week 2018, Chris Adams – Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Greater Outcomes and Advisor to it’s Impact Academy – gave the opening keynote about the entrepreneurial journey and his views on disruption and innovation in the modern world. Chris’ experience includes working with and for some of…

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Brett Leavy – Virtual Songlines – A Digital Warrior

Social Enterprise Australia

Brett Leavy is the founder of Virtual Songlines, an indigenous artist, immersive heritage specialist, and he best describes his project as a virtual time machine.  Virtual Songlines is a role-play based cultural survival game using a software toolkit to record the authentic cultural heritage stories of Australia’s First Nations. The virtual reality games immerse players…

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Damien Stone – Water3 – The Water Revolution

Damien Stone

Damien Stone is the CEO and Co-Founder of Water3, a business that has disrupted the bottled water industry by providing an alternative solution to a toxic problem. They are revolutionising the water market via innovative kiosks that provide fresh and healthy spring water and dispense reusable stainless-steel water bottles – for a growing global movement…

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